Collaborative Practice

The collaborative process is built upon a philosophy of open sharing of information.  Legal Doc Vault facilitates this process in an organized and secure manner.

  • Documents uploaded are automatically indexed
  • All participants have access to all documents 24/7
  • Secure upload, download, and storage
  • Easy to search to locate relevant items
  • Low cost and time saving


We offer two options for collaborative practices:

Option 1: One Vault

  • Each professional uploads documents to the Collaborative Vault inside an organized template.
  • All parties and professionals have access to the items uploaded.

Option 2: Multiple vaults (recommended if you want the parties to upload their documents)

  • Each Attorney has a private vault to which their client uploads documents into an organized template.
  • The Attorney then reviews the documents and uses the transfer process to copy the approved items to the Collaborative Vault.
  • All parties and professionals have access to the Collaborative Vault.