Document Management and Production

Legal Doc Vault allows you to replace the outdated method of emailing unsecured file attachments by using our simple File Vault feature. File Vault allows you to securely upload, store, and retrieve files. Additionally, our system allows you to track user, date, and other useful information about your documents. Once files are uploaded to File Vault, the […]

Collaborative Practice

The collaborative process is built upon a philosophy of open sharing of information.  Legal Doc Vault facilitates this process in an organized and secure manner. Documents uploaded are automatically indexed All participants have access to all documents 24/7 Secure upload, download, and storage Easy to search to locate relevant items Low cost and time saving […]

Easily Index Pleadings

As you and your staff upload pleadings, documents, and files to Legal Doc Vault, the platform automatically generates an index of your pleadings. The index is viewable online at any time and also has a printer-friendly format for those who would like to have a hard copy on hand. Quickly Search and Sort Additionally, Legal Doc […]

24/7 Access

By moving your legal documents to a secure online storage environment, you can easily access your pleadings and production 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. Our third-party cloud server boasts 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability – meaning you will always have easy access to your files. What does this mean for you? No more […]

Secure & Confidential

Protect Your Clients’ Data with Legal Doc Vault Securely upload, download, and store pleadings securely to Legal Doc Vault Supported by 256-bit encryption Only you have access to your client portfolio (additional users can be granted access) Each client has access only to his/her case Secure document storage with 24/7 access online Our server stores your […]

Low Monthly Cost

Legal Doc Vault offers tremendous value at a low monthly cost to your firm. For $20 per month, you can keep your clients and other pivotal members of each case up to date on the developments in the case in a private and secure online setting. There is a one time set up fee for each new client; however, […]

30-Day Free Trial

We know you’ll love Legal Doc Vault. Try our product and upload pleadings and other documents for 30 days at no cost to you or your clients. Sign up now!