Legal Doc Vault is a secure online platform to access, share, and manage your legal documents.

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  • Document Management and Production

    Safer than email and more convenient than other methods. Transfer files to & from your client, or to the opposing party.

  • Collaborative Practice

    The collaborative process is built upon a philosophy of open sharing of information.  Legal Doc Vault facilitates this process in an organized and secure manner.

  • Easily Index Pleadings

    Automatically index pleadings as you upload the files to Pleadings Vault. Easily sort and search for pleadings on each case.

  • 24/7 Access

    Access and manage your pleadings and files in a secure online environment from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Secure & Confidential

    Documents are securely stored and protected by 256-bit encryption. You can easily enable/disable user access to information stored in your Vault.

  • Low Monthly Cost

    Enjoy the features of Legal Doc Vault at a low monthly of $20 cost to your firm, plus a nominal one-time $30 set up fee for each client.