Protect Your Clients’ Data with Legal Doc Vault

  • Securely upload, download, and store legal documents, pleadings, and production securely to Legal Doc Vault
  • Supported by 256-bit encryption
  • Only you have access to your client portfolio (additional users can be granted access)
  • Each client has access only to his/her case
  • Secure document storage with 24/7 access online
  • Our server stores your data in multiple facilities and on multiple encrypted services within each facility to protect against data loss
  • The cloud server is designed for 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability – you will always have easy access to your files

Secure Document Management and Privacy

When managing documents online, it is imperative that files are transmitted and stored securely to safeguard confidential information. When you upload documents to our platform, you can be assured that each document is safely and securely encrypted whenever it is uploaded, downloaded, and stored on Legal Doc Vault.

Your documents are safe in our Vault.

We understand that privacy is of the utmost importance. That’s why we have taken extreme precautions to develop our platform by using a military-grade encryption algorithm. The privacy and confidentiality of stored data is protected 24/7 by data encryption twice the level required by HIPAA using 256-bit encryption keys. In addition, you personally control the user access to information stored in your Vault.

Ethics Opinions

The American Bar Association summary of state ethics opinions indicates that all states included allow the use of cloud computing technologies, such as Legal Doc Vault. 

In particular, the Florida Bar Ethics Opinion 12-3 allows Florida lawyers to use online storage:

“…lawyers may use cloud computing if they take reasonable precautions to ensure that confidentiality of client information is maintained, that the service provider maintains adequate security, and that the lawyer has adequate access to the information stored remotely.”  EXCERPT FROM PROFESSIONAL ETHICS OF THE FLORIDA BAR, Opinion 12-3 (April 26, 2016)

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